November 19, 2008

DIY Childs mannequin

If you sew clothes to sell or resell clothes on ebay you know how important it is to have good photos. And part of selling clothes is showing how great they look worn - not just on a hanger.

You could always photograph your clothes on a child but what if you don't have one the right size just hanging around. Then there is the problem of kids photos being up on the net for everyone to see (and with easy access to your address).

So the next option is a mannequin. But have you seen the price? And I'd have to get a few sizes for 6months, 12 months, 3 years etc.

So I came up with a cheaper solution. Make your own.

First get a child's top or romper suit (depending on what types of clothes you want to photograph). Simply fill it with newspapers or cushion stuffing. Use a measurement guide to make sure it is in proportion (you can use making tape to help squish it a bit).

I then stuck the stuffed suit on a garden stake and put it in an empty pot full of pebbles. This way the clothes can hang properly. (I also covered my mannequin in a cream fabric so you arn't distracted by the safty pins being used to keep all the opening shut - and it adds a nice neutral backdrop too)

Here is an example of what I mean. This is a photo of a dress just hanging on a hanger. (and in bad light - ignore that for now)

This is the same dress on the mannequin.

It's simple - but it shows off the clothes so much better; and only costs a few dollars.

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Amy@GrowingLikeTrees said...

That is a good idea! Thanks!

Carey said...

Very good idea! And the dresses are precious!

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Neato! I'll have to try that.

Jaya said...

Thanks for this idea!